Google IP Address to Ping

Google IP Address to Ping

Google IP address to ping | Best Ip Address to ping check your Internet | IP address for google

To check your internet connection sometimes you just need the IP address. The Google DNS servers my current favorite IP address is to use, the IPV4 addresses and At I have a favorite IP address to pinging Australia which is the primary name server for the largest carrier.

At Open DNS and openDNS provide a secure and safe DNS service I also used the service for home and commercial use which I recommend that you check out.

A DNS service at and Cloud flare. The fastest DNS service the goal to have. Around the world that should respond to PNG requests like Google, they have a large number of servers around the world. At and Norton Connect safe also has secure DNS servers for home users to ISMP requests that respond. Norton has a poor track record on basic security.

Google IP Address to Ping
Google IP Address to Ping

How To Ping best IP addresses:

Just write ping in the CMD and write these IP addresses and press enter



IP Address


From a Window 10 Device how to Ping an IP Address:

From Window 10 relatively ways doing aping test. In the proper command, all you need to do is open the Command Prompt app. On your Keyboard press, the Window key then starts typing cmd.

In the search result, the Command Prompt app should see. Click it. Ten your usual windows you will notice it is a bit different when the Command Prompt window opens. To it has that old vibe, a black background, and white text using.

Add one space type Ping, to test your connection with a type an IP address or domain name you want. All that when you type, on your keyboard hot enter.

For example,

to Google to test your connection you can enter ping you can also use it if you know the server’s IP address. Between your computer and your home router to test the connection, the IP address of the router enters. In many cases, the default address of your router will have. To ping it, Type ping and press enter.

The ping once you have initiated, a response to the desired host and will wait for your computer will send a test data packet. The test is relevant to make sure the test, will send four pings to the computer. Once the response arrives, in the Command Prompt window you will see the results of the test.

On Mac how t opting IP address:

It’s also similar to Windows 10, to process text commands Mac uses its terminal app.

  • Open Finder.
  • To the left from the menu click Applications. If you don’t see, at the same time press the Command and A keys on your keyboard.
  • Next, Utilities double click.
  • Finally, the Terminal app starts.
  • Open terminal wen, ping type the ping command.
  • On your keyboard hot the enter
  • Between your computer and your home router, this will initiate the ping test.
  • To end the test, at the same time on your keyboard press the Control and C buttons.

The domain name you can also type instead of an IP address, any other valid domain or like to test your connection if you want to use an external IP address. you can use Google’s/

Once the test is completed, you will see the result. From the server, you have pinged it took to get a response these show you how, any packets your computer sent and how much time it took. Beneath those, how many packets you have sent you will see the ping statistics showing.

From an Android device how to ping an IP Address:

Much like IOS, by default with a way to ping other routers or servers the Android operating systems do not come. Luckily, On Google Play Store there are many apps available that will allow you to do this.

A basic ping option ping and ping & Net provide, PingTools Network Utilities is a much more advanced app PingTools Network Utilities. About the connection you are using that can provide detailed information it comes with many useful network diagnostic tools. On your phone for each app you can check the network usage, network ports scan, the domain owners check, and more.

Final words

Google IP Address to Ping to see your internet connection here in this article Google IP Address to Ping learn more here in this article. If you want to see more details about these trendy topics then see on this website I Tech Wars.


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