Isaac family man



Isaac family man

A decade of fatherly presence, a decade of fatherly guidance, a decade of fatherly care, a decade of fatherly love, a decade of fatherly dating is all I pass over on this remarkable guy who impacted my existence in no small way.Isaac family man

As the primary baby from the rear of

High Chief Isaac Ayorinde Ogunnubi, The Olisa of Ijebu-Isiwo, a famend network chief and a reputable own circle of relatives guy I write to honour his legacies.High Chief Ogunnubi become born at the fifteenth of  via way of means of Pa Emmanuel Ogunmosun Ogunnubi of Yenuwa Imowe quarters of Ijebu-Isiwo.

The father become the primary licensed

and certified lay reader beneathneath the Anglican Communion whilst Christianity reached Ijebu land withinside the yr His essential schooling become at Christ Church School, Ijebu-Isiwo wherein he acquired the primary leaving certificates in December

He become retained to train

in his alma mater, however because of his exemplary ethical man or woman and a valid educational capability.I knew that sooner or later in a miles away and remote future, the cycle of existence might come to a mild near for my father.

I knew that once the time came,

we might should face it with acceptance. I didn`t doubt that for one instant. But what I may want to by no means have imagined become that we might face the tragic, surprising and devastating dying of my liked father precisely a decade today.
My coronary heart aches for the lack of my father however

I stand in acceptance.

For that is the character of existence. There is time for everything. And a season for each interest beneathneath the heavens.Ten years on, I am commemorated to have a good time the existence of a totally unique guy in my existence.

A guy I am proud to name a father.

A guy who isn’t always handiest my daddy however additionally a father. A guy who I knew so nicely in existence however of whom I am noticeablystudying extraap proxi mately in dying

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warming anecdotes from human beings throughout the and beyond. People whose lives he touched via discreet acts of kindness. A selfless and sacrificial existence. Stories of empathy. Of honour. Of humility. Of support.itechwars  Stories that consolation us and convey us joy.Isaac family man


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