The binding of Isaac afterbirth item

The binding of Isaac afterbirth item

The binding of Isaac afterbirth item | Complete list with details

The binding of Isaac afterbirth item list and with complete details of those items of The binding of Isaac afterbirth item see details here in this article.

The Binding of Isaac afterbirth items.

The binding of Isaac afterbirth item
The binding of Isaac afterbirth item

The Good Stuff:

Of the game as well I am going to assume you are playing this version. This list will seem misleading if you are not. Also, with my choice, I am sure some people will disagree, and that is OK. Also, in order, these items are not exactly. an order would be very hard for one to choose. In alphabetical order everything is.

Repentance changes:


A good item is still 20/20. In the game, it is one of the best items it is hard to say, but with the now added damage reduction multiplier.


To Devil Deals with the changes to Brimstone and changes, in the game, it is hard to say Brimstone is the best item. This item is harder to get and the item is slightly weaker.

Tech X:

On the change time, the damage Tech X deals are now based. Is still a good item, and I like it. In the game, the item is no longer one of the best items.

Soul Locket and Candy Heart: The binding of Isaac afterbirth item

Item Work how:

The same thing they both do, for the same reasons I like them. In Treasure Rooms, Candy Heart is founded. In angle Rooms, soul Locket is founded. When picking up heart containers both items give you tiny stars up increases. For soul locket red hearts for candy heart and soul and black hearts. That Candy Heart Soul Locket gives slightly better stats.

Why these Items are so Good:

By healing is amazing being able to power up your character. In the game, I would say these toe items may be the best. To get heart container often if you can find a way, you will have huge stats gains. As you can try to pick up or create as many heart containers!

To pick up the hearts for it to work it should be noted you have. Don’t give stats so items that directly add health.


Of your stats, this item increases the most. Your tear delay also increases. Of the normal five, this allows you to get to four tears instead. Those types of items are always good that make you better overall. To potentially have a better tears end game this item also allows you.

Cricket’s Head:

In Golden Chests and Treasure Rooms, you find Cricket’s Head. For the bonus damage, it gives Cricket Head. By 1.5 the item multiplayer you’re your damage. This helps you to how much damage you have, this is amazing. As well the item gives you a tiny damage increase. At all, there is nothing bad about it. A bit more I wish I found.

Magic Mushroom: The binding of Isaac afterbirth item

In Treasure Rooms and the Boss item pool, you find Magic Mushroom. Magic mushrooms make your stats better overall, these are great items. Most of your stat it increases. Of Cricket’s Head, it feels like an alternative version.

This item is great but that alone is not what makes it. In the damage multiplier, you get what makes this is a good item. By 1.5 the item multiplier your damage. With Cricket’s Head and someone items, the image multiplier does not stack with Cricket’s Head. I suppose that would be too good. About this item, the only annoying thing is the size increase.

Holy Mantle:

In Angel Rooms and Treasury Rooms Holy Mantle is found. Once every room you avoid taking damage. From leaving and entering rooms the shield you gain recharges. Is the ultimate defensive-based item Holy Mantle. During boss fights the Holy Mantle might not seem like much. One attack as it only would let you dodge. Into normal rooms is amazing but the utility this item brings.

Why this item is great here is a list: The binding of Isaac afterbirth item

  1. In the very room, you can avoid damage for on emit.
  2. Without asking damage you can enter and leave Curse Rooms
  3. To get items without taking damage you can walk over spikes
  4. Without taking damage you can open spiked chests

Sacred Heart:

In Angel Rooms, you find Sacred Heart. In the game, Sacred Heart is one of the best items. To unlock the item either you do not have items. By one the item has a flat increase in damage. Is the 2.3 damage multiplier what makes this item good. You can find in the game this is the best damage multiplier!

One red heart container Sacred Heart fully heals your health and gives you. A homing effect this item gives your bombs, it also gives you homing tears.

Your shots slower the item also makes, your overall shot range this lowers. To the good, the item does this is nothing compared. Into Angel Rooms instead of Devil Rooms this item makes me consider trying to get.

Sinus Infection:

In Treasure Rooms, you find Sinus Infection.

The item gives poison damage while multiple, the most I like Sinus Infection. To bosses, this item does more damage. The hardest boss fights much easier this item makes even. At once in the game have a special armor that stops you from doing a lot of damage to the hardest bosses in the game. Of damage at once for a tiny amount items like this bypass the armor by attacking them many times. The boogers will fall off the only downside is the enemies.

SMB Super Fan: The binding of Isaac afterbirth item

In Treasury Rooms, you find Super Fan.

Of your stats, a tiny bit SMB Super Fan increases most, and a full red heart container you gain. Like this I love items, your overall stats increase most items that increase are very helpful.

The Halo: The binding of Isaac afterbirth item

In Treasury Rooms, Angel Rooms, and the Boss item pool you find the Halo. Gives you a full red heart container the Halo gives most of your stats a small increase. Have low pints some of the stats, by increasing everything these items helps you. When playing as Eden I love finding this item.

Final words

The binding of Isaac afterbirth item list and with complete details of that item of The binding of Isaac afterbirth items if you have any questions please let me know I will give you more details on this topic like this how to get to mother isaac and much more on this website i Tech Wars dot Com



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