Webmail client bluehost

Webmail client bluehost

Webmail client bluehost If you’ve got got were given an e-mail account with Bluehost, you is probably thinking how you may get right of entry to it. Well, you may get right of entry to via Bluehost Webmail. With Bluehost Webmail there isn’t an awful lot to installation. You simply log in and get started. In this article, I will display you the way you may log in to Bluehost Webmail and installation your Webmail purchaser.

How to Log in to Bluehost Webmail

1. Go to bluehost.com/webmail.

screenshot displaying the way to log in to Bluehost webmail
2. Enter your e-mail deal with and password.

3. click on login.

Option 2: Bluehost Control Panel

You also can log in the use of a custom subdomain that redirects for your webmail URL.

1. Log in for your manipulate panel at bluehost.com.

2. From the menu alternatives, click on Hosting > Email.

three. Scroll right all the way down to your e-mail deal with and click on View Inbox.

4. Enter your e-mail deal with password on the following web page and click on Login.

 Custom Subdomain (Advanced) Webmail client bluehost

You also can log in the use of a custom subdomain that redirects for your webmail URL.

1. Log in for your webmail the use of one of the alternatives indexed above.

2. Select a webmail purchaser to get right of entry to your e-mail. You can study greater approximately Bluehost webmail customers withinside the subsequent section.

three. Copy the whole URL out of your deal with bar.

4. Go again for your manipulate panel and click on Domains > Subdomains from the primary menu.

5. Under Create a Subdomain, input a call in your new subdomain, such as “myemail”.

Warning: Please Do NOT use “mail” as your subdomain because it`s already in use and could bring about conflicts.

6. Select your area from the drop-down menu, then click on Create.

7. From the primary menu, visit Domains > Redirect.

8. Under Add Redirect, pick your new subdomain from the drop-down menu.

9. Paste your webmail URL into the Redirects To field.

10. Save via way of means of clicking the Add This Redirect button.

How to Choose a Bluehost Webmail Client

If you`ve already selected a default webmail utility, you must already be logged in. But in case you haven`t decided on one but you may pick one of the 3 alternatives for webmail which are constructed into your Bluehost account. Each person e-mail person also can pick which webmail purchaser they need to apply: Roundcube, Horde, or SquirrelMail.


Roundcube is the maximum famous Bluehost webmail purchaser. It has the appearance and sense you will count on from an e-mail utility however is to be had internal a browser. You can import and use an deal with ee-e book and use IMAP folders with a drag-and-drop organization. When composing emails, you may installation preset responses to store time, and write with spell test in a wealthy textual content HTML composer.

Horde Webmail client bluehost

Horde is greater than only a Bluehost webmail purchaser. It`s a group of easy on line apps for collaboration which includes webmail, calendar, notes, and tasks. These more functions do have a few limits, however. For example, the collaborative functions most effective paintings internal Horde; so that you can percentage a calendar access or a note, the character you’re sharing it with might additionally want to apply Horde.


SquirrelMail is simply ideal simplicity. While it lacks the various functions provided via way of means of Roundcube and Horde, SquirrelMail gives a easy, person-pleasant interface with greater customization opportunities than different Bluehost webmail alternatives.

Click at the Read Mail Using hyperlink beneathneath the purchaser of your desire to log in. Or, in case you already realize which purchaser you need to apply via way of means of default, click on Enable AutoLoad.

How to Set/Change Your Default Webmail Client

You also can set or extrade your default Bluehost webmail purchaser out of your manipulate panel via way of means of following those steps:

1. From your manipulate panel, click on Hosting > Email withinside the primary menu.

2. Looking on the menu to the left, you must be at the Email Accounts web page. If not, pass itechwars there now. Webmail client bluehost


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